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LOST Creations - Registration Agreement Terms

Forum Terms of service

Using the forum. By registering on this forum, you agree to use it properly, and to refrain from posting any content that is aggressive, offensive, defamatory, hateful, or in violation of applicable laws and regulations. You agree not to post messages inciting or evoking illegal practices, or violating the terms of use of the service.

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In order to ensure the moderation of this forum, any message violating the preceding provisions may be edited or deleted without notice by the moderators and administrators of the forum. Any abuse may also be sanctioned by banning or deleting the user account. We reserve the right to inform your access provider and/or the judicial authorities of any malicious behaviour.

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As reading them, you are held responsible to follow each and every rule that is stated on this post. If you break one of these rules, you will be warned, if you do it again, you will have a view only ban for a week which means you won't be able to post, just view. If you keep on breaking them, it will result in a temporary ban, and if it gets to the point where your just being a troll and looking for trouble. You will be perm. banned [read banned thread for more info on the banning issues]

Rule #1: Please respect eachother, do not flame, bash, diss, attack or anything of that matter. I will not tolerate it.

Rule #2: This one is important, do not, I repeat do NOT steal eachother's work, that is a definate no no, and I am putting this board on private from guests, for that reason because I am not having lurkers come across people's work and steal them. And members will NOT steal eachother's work, if I catch it happening..I will ban you, on the spot, report you for copyright stealing and get you in serious trouble. Stealing is a no no, these people work very hard on their work, and its to be respected.

Rule #3: Keep artwork in their appropriate areas. I will make a area for the more perverse artwork and you have to be apart of the saucy team to see it. I am doing it so no younger folk come across something they don't need to see.

Rule #4: Respect all admins and mods, as we will respect you. No copping attitudes or disrespecting, it may be a joke to you, and jokes are jokes, but its also disrespecting. Don't do it, or I will toss out the warnings.

Rule #5: Keep the language on the low mode, no overdoing it. But I do allow swear words, just don't be extreme.

Rule #6: There will be contests where I will have members post their choice of a picture and the artist's name to whom they think should win, I will run the voting for a hour. Close the voting poll, and tally up the votes. And then I will announce the winner. I will announce when the contests will take place.

Rule #7: If you have a issue with someone, take it to messages, do not lash it out on the board. I don't want public drama at this board.

Rule #8: We may get some trolls that come by here every once in a while that wants to cause trouble, do not give in to their actions, and don't think you can tell them what to do. That is our job. We will take care of it.

Rule #8: No webspeaking please. Stuff like gr8, or sk8, or you know what I mean, but regular webspeak is fine. I hope you understand what I mean.

Rule #9: Don't double post, which means don't post in a thread, and there hasn't been a reply yet and post again, or if you made a mistake, don't double post and be like "Oh I meant..blah" that is what the edit button is for, use it wisely. I will delete double posts. That also means no double posting to bump your post. That is a no no. Will not be tolerated.

Rule #10: Don't flood the board. Easy as that.

Rule #11: My admin color to post in is orange, no other members are allowed to use that color to post. That is my post color as a admin. Simple as that.

Rule #12: Please be active on this board, when becoming a member, I expect you to be active, because I have ran boards before that were dead and weren't active, and it made me angry. I didn't just make this board to make it, I made it for everyone to enjoy and have fun in, so I expect ACTIVENESS to this board, if your not active, your not worth being my member, and I will delete you. This time I won't delete the board cause of non activeness, I will start deleting those who are not active. I understand you have a life, so do I and my health has been downhill, and I understand if your busy, but please let me know if your gonna be busy, or something, so I know. But still at least check with the board and post when you get a chance. I really want this board to be active this time. So please be active.

Rule #13: The Seductive Area will be for the Saucy Team only, if you have a picture to put in that forum, you have to go to groups, and ask to join the group, I will accept you. Only The Saucy Team can access this forum, its so that younger people won't see the naughtier art. please message me for the passwords. I will post a terms thread to not take anything said in the ranting forum out of the forum and told to another person, especially if its about a particular person the persons ranting about that you know. You will have to post in the thread whether you agree or not. If you agree and break that terms and I find out that you told someone the things that were said in the ranting forum, I will automatically ban you.

Rule #14: no asscaps, which means don't type in all caps in a post, it gives me and probably many others a headache.

Rule #15 No two accounts, that means you sign up with one account and thats it. I only have two because the other allows me to make sure the password protected forums are working. No double names. I will know and I will delete one or the other.

if I think of more, I will add on